SME Loans and Lines of Credit

Community Futures Highwood provides financing to entrepreneurs and existing business owners who are unable to obtain conventional financing. Businesses financed by CFH must operate in the CFH region.

Loan proposals are presented to the Investment Review Committee (IRC) by CFH staff on the client's behalf. The proces, which can take 30 - 120 days, will normally be finalized within 10 days of all information being received from the client by the CF Staff. The IRC is a sub-committee of the Board of Directors and assesses proposals based on the following:

  • Business viability
  • Management expertise
  • Owner's equity and level of commitment
  • Realistic financial projections
  • Security available
  • Jobs created or maintained
  • Program criteria

Loans Program Eligibility Criteria Maximum Loan Amount Interest Rate*
Regular Small to Medium Business (SME) and Agriculture Loans
  • Turned down by a traditional lender/bank
  • At least 10% equity
Normally up to $150,000 Prime + 4.5%
Student Business Loans
  • Must be in or returning to study in grades 9 to 12 or be enrolled to attend a post secondary institution full-time
  • Client must be 14 to 29 years old
Up to $3,000 Interest Free from May - October, prime + 2% after October 31
Youth Loans
  • 29 Years and Under
$25,000 Prime + 2%
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP)
  • Self identified physical or mentally disability
$150,000 Prime + 4.5%
Community Business Initiative Loan Program
  • Enables existing business owners to renovate and upgrade the exterior of the buildings and landscaping to comply with municipal design guidelines or downtown redevelopment program
$30,000 Prime + 2%

* The traditional Bank lending prime rate is used to calculate interest rates.

Other Loan Products

BDC Market Expansion Financing