What is Community Futures?

Community Futures Highwood is one of 90 Community Futures offices in Western Canada.  We operate as independent, non-profit organizations, supported by Western Economic Diversification Canada.

Established in 1986, Community Futures is a federal government initiative that assists rural communities to develop strategies for dealing with changing economic environments. This initiative recognizes that local people and communities are best able to solve their problems and shape their futures.

Community Futures are non-profit organizations guided by volunteer boards of directors and staffed with business professionals who together are actively engaged in helping to develop and implement community-based economic development strategies.

Community Futures are user-friendly business development centres that provide repayable loans (normally up to a maximum of $150,000) to entrepreneurs who are interested in starting or expanding their own businesses.

Community Futures are entrepreneurial development centres that provide business planning assistance and one-on-one business training to assist individuals who are interested in self-employment or in expanding their business.

Community Futures are proactive, progressive community organizations dedicated to strengthening both their community’s entrepreneurs and their community’s economy as a whole.